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Plastered Vibracrete

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Precast walling plaster Plastered Vibracrete Plastered Vibracrete
Plaster Wall Plastered Vibracrete Precast walling walling plaster

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Vibracrete extensions

There are two method of doing Vibracrete extensions..
The right way and the wrong way!

Concrete Method Vibracrete extensions Vibracrete extensions Vibracrete extensions

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New Vibracrete Walls

New Vibracrete Wall Palisade Fencing Palisade Fencing

Palisade Fencing

Palisade Fencing is made from slitted galvanized steel which is manufactured in Australia by BHP Billiton. Palisade Fencing will not rust and has a minimum 10 year life.

Palisade Fencing Palisade Fencing Palisade Fencing Palisade Fencing

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Wall PaintSpecialized paints for Vibracrete. 2 coats that lasts forever. High quality paints that are designed to adhere to the incompatible surface of vibracrete walling.

We offer a full painting service from A-Z. On-site supervision. Any colour you desire. A high masonry primer of exceptional adherence advancements in paint technological perfection.


Wall Spikes Wall Spikes Wall Spikes Wall Spikes


Palisade Gate X-Tend-a-Wall-Capes Gates Fencing Cape Town

We also do Razor Wire, Repairs, and Painting
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Cape Town
Contact: Ernst Theart
Cell: 083 66 66 951

Contact: Zirk Theart
Tel: 076 240 9181

We also cater for George

Port Elizabeth
Contact: Jonathan
Tel: 072 282 2063

Palisade Supplier:
Fever Tree Fencing
Contact: Jacobus Theart
Cell: 082 222 5948

X tend a wall
Many thanks for all your help regarding the extensions of our walls...

It took one day to adjust to the change and we are now so glad to have taken the plunge. Traffic noise reduction is at least 50% down. Privacy is virtually total...

Prof. Georges Economides
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